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‘Author Dies Intestate!’. The knives are out! You

As a creator, would you know what to do now in the event of your untimely death?

But we’ve all said at one time or another that we wouldn’t want to be

A paper burden can be every bit as heavy as an emotional one

Editor’s Note: This article contains information for educational purposes and should not be considered legal advice

Because there was no provision made for the future proceeds, the family got the money, not the

In the end, this leaves your heirs with less, and like the fictional Harlan Thrombey, the family’

Probably the only one who knows how much effort, how much of your heart and soul goes

Having a will, even in draft form, gives you control over who gets what, including copyrights to

The Copyright Act of Canada has since been revised in 1997 and 2012 to reflect the changing nature of

Theoretically, a provision could be made for the creator of a digital asset such as an ebook

A copyright management company called Prescient has launched imprimo, a service that uses these web3-type attribution

Making a will and keeping things organized are the kindest things you can do for the loved

Don’t make someone have to log in to every creator dashboard you ever had to try

Remember the Dragon Tattoo guy? Your ebooks can continue bringing in revenue, or maybe even explode on

Copyright extends for life plus as much as 70 years after you pass on

If that’s to a family member or business associate, make sure that’s also what they

We all think of a will as something only needed when you’re close to death; but

Sadly, we probably all know someone affected by dementia or another mentally debilitating condition

Start simple, and build from there as things change and become more complicated

The systems and tools we use today will likely be different in the decades to come, so

Better yet, use a password manager like LastPass or similar to store everything, so your executor or

Also, personal accounts and business accounts may be handled differently

If your business bank account gets frozen or closed upon your death, your publishers and retailers won’

So, make sure to take stock of all your financial accounts and designate how they will be

It’s important that your heirs know that under no circumstances should your phone be disconnected immediately

Once that’s done, if it’s a decent model, why not pass on your latest iPhone

To paraphrase an alleged Klingon proverb, “copyright is best served licensed”

There are dead authors whose books continue to make money, and as you can imagine, it’s

Think of all the brand-name merchandise, from movies to toy companies to professional sports teams, that are “

For instance, your heirs could license the rights to your books, art, or music, to a company

The company, for a percentage fee, could then keep the work in circulation, do the marketing, handle

On the flip side (another pun intended), there are recording artists who have recently sold their backlists

If this is the case, remember that a copyright, a legal business entity, an online store, and

My parents never owned a computer or had an email address, so in that respect, dying with

Having everything organized, planned, and even pre-paid, will save a lot of anguish for your loved ones

It’s also important to consider the emotional impact of death on your family and others

Making choices for yourself with a clear mind and good spirits is far preferable to leaving those