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Are You Obsessed With Story Likes and Claps? | by

Here’s the trick to finding the real validation in your writing

While we may not be motivated to act or to write based on others’ opinions, it’s

Maybe your piece hasn’t gone viral, but it’s getting a lot of hits

You’ve struck a chord, and you’ve got your readers’ interest

There’s nothing wrong with being fueled by others’ interest

Whether you have published a book, written a poem or posted a new blog, people are buying

They are attaching to your words, and that simply feels good

It feels as if we are being blanketed in the endless need for validation

It just feels good no matter how much or how little attention, fame and fortune we have

It was funny to hear a grown woman shout: “You like me!”

But, the truth is, whether we are eight or 80, it feels great to be liked

As writers specifically, many of us want to connect with our audience

Yet, if I’m writing an abstract, dark poem about standing by the lake and contemplating my

One person who let out a cry that he or she so desperately needed to have today

It’s all it takes for me — one reader who is moved my by words

Have you ever written an email to a friend, boss or lover, which you never intended to

From my first dog’s passing to my parent’s divorce, I tried to understand my feelings

Whether it was as a journalist on my college’s school newspaper or years later when I

I liked the feedback, and I’m fortunate that it was often so positive

People seemed to respond to my words and relate to my thoughts, dream, hopes and struggles

However, I must admit that receiving positive feedback did encourage me to share more

It wasn’t to gain the attention of the masses, because journals often appeal to smaller, niche

It was a way to push myself to create some of my best pieces

While the attention from others can be validating and even encouraging, the reality is that you still

Even if you are writing about something that feels mundane, still put out the best writing you

And, while visitors comment and like your work along the way, nod your head at them with

Remember how the act of writing alone provides so much for your own self

So, whether you are getting lots of claps and likes or are experiencing some quieter times, just