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An Upgraded Sense of Self-Awareness Helps You Create More

The more you understand, the more high-quality content you can publish

Responding that way allows me to respond quickly while buying myself some time to fully comprehend what

And if I can’t digest the information in seconds, the person (I’m conversating with) will

My lack of clarity prevents me from responding with something meaningful

Now, if I’m spending too much time editing, that means I’m publishing less

If that keeps up, it’s going to take me a lot longer to build an audience

That’s when I gave myself this rule: Before you start creating, make sure you have a

The idea is, the more content I create, the more attention I get, and the higher my

This is the problem that surfaces whenever I try to weave in my goal of publishing quickly

What makes this challenging is that you need to have a decent level of self-awareness to notice

Now, I’m not saying it is not possible to combine different goals (of being clear and

It’s overwhelming to be a beginner because we try to accomplish too many things in a

I understand how editing helps you line up your content such that they are structured for clarity

Whenever I catch myself drafting like that, it’s a symptom that I don’t fully understand

While slogging-through-it is an option, it works better for me when I put the idea back into

Because every time I “slog through it” I feel like I’m, “polishing a turd”

A common symptom of this is when my content doesn’t line up with the title

While I can save the draft by simply splitting them into each of their own topics, it

This prompted me to develop this new process I now call, the “NPR approach”:

The idea is to stop me from jumping into “create mode” when I don’t have clarity

It’s where content that showcases our opinions, thoughts, or descriptions of experience comes from

It’s when we reflect on our thoughts, ideas, opinions or experience

When you dig deep into your psyche, you often find conflicting thoughts you weren’t even aware

The less conflict you have in your head, the clearer your content will be

Often, we are faced with the struggle of choosing between the two: quality or quantity