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An Ode to My Reference Books of Yore

If you began life connected to the internet, you may not even be aware of some of

I enjoy thinking fondly of some of the books I relied on before I had a whole

Most of these categories of books are still available in updated to those who want to use

But I personally don’t keep updated copies on hand the way I used to

They were arduous, less spontaneous, and full of all sorts of mix-ups

She told me the street/avenue intersection of the shop (no Google maps)

I went to the coffee shop on the street, while she went to the coffee shop on

Eventually we both got tired of waiting for the other and proceeded directly to the concert hall

I’ll stop among the reference books that used to help me live it up

And the Yellow Pages were where you turned when you needed to find a tree doctor or

But these references also provided invaluable information when you were someplace new

I think of when my family traveled, and we’d turn to the Yellow Pages to find

As a person with lots of interests even as a kid, I never failed to look through

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Because of the eponymous social network’s dominance on the internet, I can’t tell if colleges

But in my day, when you locked eyes with that cutie in the laundry room, you had

There was something hopeful, maybe even a little wholesome, in giving your photo and name to your

For tourists, there were cumbersome folding city and transit maps

Poster-sized documents people pulled from their pockets and bags to advertise, I’m not from here

It’s a pocket-size book that breaks the megalopolis into hundreds of tiny, detailed maps

These were the books that made me less afraid to go off the beaten path

We went to all sorts of goofy places like Carhenge and Deadwood, South Dakota

And we did this all with paper maps!? Like, how? I guess it’s advisable to keep

But could you use one? I’m just going to assume it’s like riding a bicycle

And I remember it would provide a rating for ambiance, which I found hilarious

But it still feels great to eat there because you’re sure they can keep the place

Perhaps needless to say, I did not really make enough money while I lived in New York

I think it’s because before there were Wikipedia rabbit holes to fall down, there were books

Nowadays I’m an avid daily player of Worldle (like Wordle but you name countries by seeing

I can thank that atlas I thumbed through all those mornings in middle school while boning up

I haven’t found anything digital that can replicate the experience of flipping back and forth between

And I’m still analog when it comes to my calendar/planner and my address book