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American Library Association’s New Book Censorship Data Released

Banned Books Week launches Monday, September 19, 2022, and the American Library Association (ALA) has released the latest numbers

Several related movements contributed to this surge in censor- ship

Organizations like Moms for Liberty and No Left Turn in Education provided resources including target lists, talking

Republican PACs supported the election of pro-censorship candidates to school and library boards

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The new report adds more context to their data: examples of censorship toward several of the most

It is crystal clear books by/about queer people and people of color continue to be targets

It is also clear that books are an easy target; these actions are meant to stir the

The field report ends with a letter from James LaRue, Executive Director at Garfield County Library District (

These are times of transition in their lives, and some parents become overprotective of their children’s

It’s an emotional reality amplified by current fears and concerns related to the pandemic

Many of the challenges to materials are directly linked to the talking points of today’s conservative

Matt Krause), isn’t primarily intended to rouse a base and win midterm elections

While both are true, neither goes far enough to denounce the political movement and dark money funding

Likewise, library workers and educators are facing targeted harassment by such censors in a way that undermines

This is not about social isolation nor about the age groups in question

And while the report offers some actions people can take to counter censorship, what they offer is

For readers and professionals just wading into the world of book censorship, ALA’s new resource is

You can read the report in full at ALA’s Banned Books Week resource page