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AI Is Here To Take Over Your Writing. Are

I've experimented with different AI software available on the market

Such AI abilities are leaving many of us, who sweat over every word and strive to write

Can we really compete with AI? And are we going to be replaced by technology?

In the last few months, I have actively used different AI software to improve my writing

As an ESL writer, I struggle with constraints and insecurities about writing in English, and I rely

Although AI can generate grammatically correct rephrasings, it doesn’t always capture the meaning of the original

Another problem with paraphrased sentences is that they tend to be trivial and clichéd

When I choose the option “enrich,” I’m afraid I get the opposite results:

The paraphrasing feature in AI software has helped improve my writing considerably, including this very article

AI’s suggestions can definitely improve the logic and clarity of our writing, which is so needed,

But such text knitting, line by line, can be extremely time-consuming and may not necessarily lead to

If we need to write an email or a blog post that is intended to purely inform,

To illustrate the point, I asked ChatGPT to write a post about how to write popular posts

They don’t create ideas and they don’t combine concepts that aren’t clearly related (which

Neither can they feel, and so composing a passage like “Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking

When I asked ChatGPT to write an oxymoron, it responded quite in a machine-like manner — fast and

While AI systems may be able to produce grammatically correct text, they lack human creativity and emotional

I have yet to receive a fiction passage from AI that I would call somewhat suspenseful, or

As AI technology continues to develop, this may happen in the future, but it hasn’t yet

And even if it does, without appreciating beauty and using language in a meaningful manner, AI won’

At a certain point, I became so frustrated that I asked AI if it could write creatively:

What are your thoughts on this? Are you afraid of being replaced by a machine, or do