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Aesthetic Book Pictures for Your Cozy Viewing Pleasure

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What’s that, you ask? We’re going to take a look at some of the prettiest,

Today, I also wanted to give you a quick and easy guide to taking your own aesthetic

Because let’s be honest, we’ve all seen those kinds of photographs online, and most of

Some of them are more colorful, while others have more muted, wintry tones

Aesthetic book pictures can be full of props and tiny details, or they can be pretty sparse

I chose these photographs from Instagram and Pinterest (when linked to specific book blogs) because of two

First, because those two platforms rely more heavily on images

But without further ado, let’s look at aesthetic book pictures!

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On the other hand, you don’t need many props to take a good aesthetic picture

Liz Alva from @kampvuurverhalen focuses on audiobooks so most of her pictures involve her phone and a

Most of Lina’s pictures at @linakius are just like this: cozy, soft, and simple

Reviews tend to be more fun when a book blogger takes pictures of the book they’re

As is the case with Maddy from her MissMaddyChats blog! Plus, the Pinterest thumbnail always looks stunning

Book stacks are always fun to look at, and a very aesthetic way to display your current

Lots of book pictures use other objects (and even other books) that fit a book’s specific

A potted plant, an encyclopedia, and a magnifying lens add to the whole nature and learning vibes

Lastly, good ol’ fashioned “a drink and a book” photographs are super cozy and aesthetic

They let you highlight a specific read, its beautiful cover — and make you want to read it

“Those were all very beautiful, aesthetic book pictures, Rey

Most of the time you just need a book and something to take clear pictures with

You just need to get creative with the composition and add whichever props you have and that

Having light colored backgrounds help the book covers stand out

They can be things you use while reading like pens, highlighters, sticky notes, or other office supplies

If you want to incorporate book pages into your backdrop, here are some bundles of 100 pages from

This literary mug references many books, making it perfect for almost any book picture! $14

Scented candles add to the cozy atmosphere of any picture, and making it bookish themed is a

To take these kinds of aesthetic book pictures, I recommend you visualize it before setting everything up

That’s when you decide your camera angle, and more or less where you want things to

You can always tweak this until it feels right, but having an idea beforehand always helps

Believe me, I have taken pictures without planning and it always takes me much longer to get

What matters in the end, is that you find your image pretty to look at

All of these pictures have some editing, be them simple filters or a more advanced play with

Instagram makes this easy with its edit features and filters

This is what helps you complete the cozy vibe of your pictures, making them extra aesthetic

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