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Accomodation or Accommodation: Which Spelling Is Correct?

Certain words in the English language can be tricky to spell, especially words with double letters

And if spelling isn't your forte, run all your writing through our free grammar checker

Accommodation is a word that refers to something that satisfies a need

It comes from the root verb "accommodate," which means to provide for something that is wanted or

The two sets of double letters are a result of the word’s origin

" Many Latin words use double letters, and we still see that influence in many modern English words

Often, accommodation refers to a place where someone resides and gets meals and other services

Synonyms for accommodations include room and board, living quarters, lodgings, and hotels

You can remember that you booked two double rooms for your overnight accommodations on your vacation: two

" This will help you remember to use both Cs and both Ms when you spell accommodation

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