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Abbreviations: Definition

Abbreviations are common ways to shorten long words, phrases, and proper nouns

For more formal writing, always write out the initial word, phrase, or proper noun and show the

An acronym is a series of initial letters for a word or phrase

Acronyms are pronounced as a single word, like NASA, IKEA, or radar (Radio Detection and Ranging)

For example, the NFL (National Football League) is pronounced en-eff-ell

If you’re referring to a player in the NFL, you would write, "an NFL player" because

Another common abbreviation to use is for courtesy titles like "Mr

" in the US (US is an initialism) or "Mr" "Ms" and "Dr" in the UK (another initialism)

If you don’t have a style guide, choose one way and stick with it in all

" Again, if your style guide doesn’t specify, pick one way and stick to it

What common abbreviations do you use often in your writing? Let us know in the comments!