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A Touch of Moonlight by Yaffa S. Santos ⋆ LitBuzz

Larimar may only be a ciguapa on full moons, but she feels like an outsider in her

But when her best friend introduces her to Ray, a bakery owner and fellow punk rock lover,

As Beacon’s brand manager, Larimar oversees all new location openings, including its newest store in New

But when she discovers the location is right across from Ray’s bakery, Borrachitos, Larimar is torn

But embracing her magical nature may be the only way Larimar can have everything she wants

Santos is what Women’s Fiction and Folklore meet and make for a magical reading experience

This is a modern day tale of a mythical being known in many Latin American countries, specifically

Sometimes warned as dangerous creatures, Ciguapas have backwards feet, long straight hair, run backwards, and are known

She comes from a long line of Ciguapas, her mother is one, as well as her grandmother

As Larimar is at a crossroads with her heart and mind, she also is harboring her secret

Can she ever tell Ray everything and still make it work as a couple? You have to

It perfectly weaves and balances a story of courage, the courage to open up to love, to

There are many wonderfully healing conversations that take place with family in addressing generational wounds

Santos to EVERYONE, not only is there an amazing story, the food and recipes mentioned are absolutely

Santos second novel, to pre-order your own copy check here! Please note this is an affiliate link

Also if you are in the Central Florida area, I will be interviewing Yaffa S

Starting with the love of Romance books but now she enjoys any epic tales that are well

Hurricane news doesn’t scare her but finding out a second book in a series doesn’t

Sending her chocolate and another great book works best to support her through such times