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A Study in Pantsing: There is Not a Wrong

A story is like a child: planned or not, we’re glad it’s here

Today (which is actually tomorrow, I’m writing this bit before even doing the literary experiment), me

It’s known as The Exquisite Corpse Game (see the photo above)

We wrote a story, a couple sentences each, without seeing what the other had written beforehand

“Her true colours were revealed that day, when she watched as her co-pilot plummeted into a black

The cascading water looked almost peaceful, if it wasn’t for the looming sense of dread that

He had the personality of a wet mop — and even that’s doing a disservice to their

He was no loss to Earth, especially since he was lost above and beyond Earth, now mulched

A hat tilt at having nothing but the very moment you’re inside of in which to

You don’t need a 6-page spreadsheet, depicting your characters every move

You don’t need to plot the plot down to the very second, or have a fully

There are no stringent rules when it comes to storytelling, because nobody can tell YOU how to

It gives you time to comb through your thoughts and filter out all the bits that feel

It might not be a great meal nor a fun holiday nor a clean kill, but it’

The words will be there, they’ll be alive and breathing, a world beginning to form behind

Once they’re down, you can go back through them and tidy, edit, do whatever you need

No prep, no planning, only paper and a pen (and in my case, Ben)

Do whatever you need — and want — to do to bring something to life

However it unfolds, just this once, for me: put your pants on