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A Simple Analysis of Ernest Hemingway’s Shortest Story

In his 1991 book, The World According to Ernest Hemingway: A Biographical Record From His Birth Until He

Clarke, once wrote a letter to his friend and publisher, John Robert Colombo, telling him Hemingway supposedly

However, the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner might have gotten the idea from a 1917 article published in

” Also, in 1921, a similar story appeared in the July issue of Judge, but instead of baby shoes,

But does it have the necessary elements to be considered a novel?

According to Brown, a good book, or in our case, a novel, needs the following elements:

Every good story needs to grab the reader’s attention from the start

Something is also known as “A Hook,” an element to catch the reader from the beginning

Great literature has rich, compelling characters that introduce us to someone to love, hate, or identify with

The parents and their baby, regardless of gender, automatically connect us with tenderness, love, funny faces, and

But also, for those who don’t want a baby by their side, it can bring fear,

According to Dan Brown, every reader wants to be entertained by a good story, from the beginning

Good novels use sharp, memorable dialogue that advances the plot, demonstrates your characters’ personalities, and adds texture

The last characteristic of the list is the Writing style or the voice and tone a writer

Every writer has their style, and Ernest Hemingway was a master, writing with the least words possible,

Many writers use a distinctive style as the perfect example of balanced use of words, making it

The 63-year-old writer and journalist spent most of his life publishing books and articles about those experiences,

As I always say, every comment makes the perfect opportunity to learn

14)”, author Blago Kirov, writes that once Hemingway said the best rules for writing were those he received