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A Ranking of New York City Bookstores

Famous writers of various decades have lived here, and the publishing industry keeps many of its largest

Alongside your literary tourism trip, you can visit bookstores between every stop

I grew up in New York and wanted to present a ranking of New York City bookstores

I must admit now that this is an entirely subjective list skewed to my perspective

Since I grew up in the city, I have many enemies for reasons that range from petty

Numbered rankings aren’t entirely my thing, so I split up my favorite NYC bookstores into categories

Whether you’re searching for specific gifts, a lively event space, or a pretty place to explore,

Albertine is a “project of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy” and includes a reading room

Every book in this store has an animal or an animal character

This Lower East Side gem accepts book donations in exchange for pickles

I’m sure you can find a pickle-themed book in the store if you look hard enough

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Desert Island also co-hosts the Comic Arts Brooklyn festival

Bar is legendary because it’s the only independent bookstore in the whole of the Bronx (which

Add this to your walking tour when you go to the South Bronx

If you’re willing to venture out to Kew Gardens in Queens, you’ll find another great

They also events and serves coffee and tea (as indicated by the name)

You’re likely to come across a cool event if you’re visiting the city for a

This crowded little store is full of used gems, including vintage prints and gorgeous leather-bound editions

This is probably the biggest rare books store in the city, and it’s a great place

One of my favorite activities in New York City is checking out what people are reading on

The current author I see on all the subways is Colleen Hoover

Bookstores are so important to the lifeblood of New York City because they are the site of