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A Book Club Hated My Novel

And yet, I went in hoping that the book I wrote would shake loose that hidden part

The second warning sign was that no one, besides the host, seemed particularly pleased to see me

Still, I put on my happy face and got ready to discuss the story

Then I spent the next hour listening to all the reasons why they hated my book

Then I protected my ego by reminding myself that these book lovers were not my audience, and

However, no matter how much I guarded myself, I still came away exhausted after an hour of

Its been a few days since this fateful book club meeting, and with the space, it

I mean, I dont even like all the books Ive started to read

Just because someone doesnt like my book doesnt mean it was bad; it likely means

In fact, when I wrote my first book, I figured it was a book EVERYONE would love

So I was genuinely surprised when some readers didnt like my book

I came into the book club experience prepared for the backlash

So with that, I thought Id share a few ways to get your book into the

Unless you want to spend an hour hearing about all the things they hated about your book,