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9 Young Adult Fantasy Series With Excellent Audiobooks

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Fantasy deals with the same problems as our reality, but through a different lens, which in turn

The more perspectives we can incorporate into our overall thought process, the more informed we are, especially

It sounds like an exaggeration, but humans have been imagining fantastical and paranormal creatures for millennia, with

Bringing a book and its characters to life is tricky; the narrator has to understand the nuances

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She’s a great athlete, but because she has albinism, she can’t play sports in the

But it turns out she also has latent talents that allow her to reshape the world

Magic has disappeared under the rule of the king, when before, the soil hummed with the power

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Bree Matthews has been accepted to a residential high school program at UNC-Chapel Hill, which seems like

As the cause of Bree’s mother’s death starts to come clear, there are questions inside

Aru decides to light the Lamp of Bharata to prove that she’s telling the truth – which

But lighting the Lamp awakens the Sleeper, and now the four of them must save the world

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It’s up to Alexia to figure out what’s going on before she’s blamed for

It makes her a dangerous weapon, especially in the hands of a king whose grace is that

Except it’s a decision that will cause ripples far beyond the walls — walls? — of the school

Briseis’s power is to grow plants from seed to maturity with a single touch

But when she gets there, the mansion is full of unexpected plants, not to mention neighbors and

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