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9 of the Best Books about Grief For Adults

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Whoever you are, and whatever else happens in your life, at some point, you will live through

Despite the fact that everyone feels grief at some point in their life, it can be one

Other people are often unsure of what to say, and grief can invoke such strong feelings that

There are workbooks and practical, mental health-based guides, which grieving readers can use to find ways of

Zauner’s memoir focuses on her relationship with her mother, and her feelings on love and grief

While everyone experiences grief, not everyone experiences it in the same way or for the same reasons

Many resources for grieving people are based around death from illness or old age; however, people who

This book is billed as “a physician’s guide,” but is an accessible read with plenty of

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Grief is personal, but it can also be political; it can focus around lost loved ones, but

In Rebellious Mourning, several authors examine grief through the lens of events such as the AIDS crisis

The “five stages of grief” have become part of our cultural lexicon, to the point that they

In this memoir, Macdonald chronicles her decision to start training a goshawk, Mabel, after the death of

Grief knows no age, but many resources for grieving people are aimed at adults

With practical advice and exercises, it’s a useful tool for any young person moving through grief

Drawing on her own experience of working with bereaved, traumatised, and grieving people, Wade explores how everyone

Some readers may want to turn to fiction to explore their feelings about grief; check out our

For books on grief that speak to younger readers, try 8 Memorable Middle Grade Books About Grief