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9 Deadly Freelancing Mistakes I’m Avoiding Like Hell in 2023 |

Make no mistake, the freelancing market in 2023 will be brutal

The simple truth is that there will always be room for intelligent writers who create authentic content

What that calls for, however, is a reassessment of your strategy so far and a cold-turkey tearing-out

And I’m willing to bet that when you sit down to that exercise, you’ll realise

And no, I’m not going to sell a Gumroad playbook featuring patently ripped-off how-to content for $27

Do you have a tiered pricing structure for document length? Do you charge extra for multiple revisions?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve done extra work for no extra pay

What this means is that clients can get you to do an absolute about-face on the content

Two — a complete TnC document that I’ll get every new client to sign

Please, if you care at all about getting treated fairly and avoiding communication boo-boos, make one for

I only recently moved to the States, so I didn’t know much about freelance rates here

I made guesses based off what I saw posted online on sites like ProBlogger

Luckily I’ve only just started pitching in earnest, so I’m not stuck with tons of

Please, don’t undervalue yourself more than the world already will

Ask someone senior in the field, ask someone who’s making their way up the ladder

Know what you ought to charge for each service, and then demand that rate like a boss

Maybe you’ve done your research and learned that freelancers charge X for, say, a case study

So if you get a client who’s happy to pay you X anyway, great! But if

Set a price reduction margin depending on what you’re comfortable with

Below that? Unless you’re in dire straits, don’t take it

A good idea is to see what you’re already offering and then branch out from there

Which means I have nine categories of projects to pick from, within the arena of B2B

Will I eventually whittle that number? Maybe, if I can make enough of a living off just

But until then, keep diversifying! It adds variety to your day, too

Clearly demarcated enough, but also broad enough that I can take on a variety of work

Simply writing conversational, SEO-optimised sentences isn’t enough

Keep up with industry news, read the blogs of experts, listen to podcasts

You don’t like studying? Have fun writing for no-name clients who pay you $10 for 1000 words

And then there will be clients who pay an okay amount but have a continuous stream of

No way is anyone swimming in clients who will pay $500 for five minutes of your time

Such clients may exist, yes, but they exist in conjunction with many other clients paying far less —

And if you don’t get the million-dollar clients? If there are weeks or even months where

There will be dry months, and there will be hard decisions during those dry months

Whether you’re just starting out or further along the path, cold DMing on LinkedIn is vital

But what a lot of people don’t realise is that cold DMing could extend just as

You can think of them as deadweight to remove from your list, and you wouldn’t be

Why take this seriously? Because people are way likelier to respond to messages from someone they already

Oh, and you don’t have to use Inmail credits on them either

Save those pesky bits of gold for your bucket-list CEO clients

Remember what I said about the competition being brutal? At any point, there are a bajillion freelancers

There’s not much you can do if it’s already happened, except collect your pending money

What that means is, keep an eye out for things they might need and make them offers

Did someone on the team complain about how cluttered the webpages are? Offer to clean it up

Did someone on social media appreciate their latest video? Offer to create a mini-series of videos or