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None of these covers are explicit medical diagrams or anatomical closeups

They’re all works of art, either in the form of outlining the shape of the reproductive

It’s no surprise that books with vulvas on the cover tend to be in a similar

Basically, if I see a vulva on a book cover, I’m going to pick it up

Her leg went numb and she lost 30 pounds, yet when she went to the doctor, they sent

She took matters into her own hands, poring over medical journals to figure out what was wrong

The Fifth Vital Sign posits that your menstrual cycle is just as important as your pulse, temperature,

It feels silly to say, but Lisa Hendrickson-Jack’s book is a vital one for anyone with

Period Power is an accessible book full of information about the culture, history, and privilege surrounding periods,

Abortion is illegal, in-vitro fertilization is banned, and embryos have the exact same rights as fully formed

Raizl wants to get married, but in her Hasidic community in Brooklyn, arranged marriages are the norm

She’s torn between the traditional and modern worlds she inhabits, and worries she’ll never find

Celeste is a 26-year-old middle school teacher who has no shame about her attempts at seduction of

Her only focus in life is her pleasure — she doesn’t even have any close friends

The blurb compares Celeste to Patrick Bateman of American Psycho, and I agree

Telling the world about your vagina and sex life — or lack thereof, because it’s too painful —

But doctors brushed off the pain as regular ol’ period cramps until she fought against them for

Vagina Problems is an intimate look at Parker’s life with vaginal physical therapy, seizures, diet, wardrobe

Alida Nugent’s feminist essay collection is the perfect gift for any 20-something coming into their own

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