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8 Of the Best Nonfiction Books About The Senses

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The five human senses are also one of the subjects of our earliest science lessons

The ways in which we process different types of stimuli can be as fascinating as the experiences

Here is a list of eight books that demystify the human senses and give their readers new

Diane Ackerman takes her readers on a journey, across time and to far corners of the world,

In this book, pioneering neurologist and author Oliver Sacks delves deep into the ways in which we

He weaves the science of seeing with his own experience of cancer, and that of other people

It combines discourse on the physiology of touch with personal experiences and interviews, and it examines the

This book is a fascinating deep dive into the science of taste

If you have ever wondered how we have such varied responses to the same type of food,

With its engaging prose and interesting insights, this book will give you a true taste (sound?) of

In this book, Harold McGee will take you on an olfactory world tour, where you will meet

This memoir by Bangladeshi American author Tanaïs is structured like a perfume, with base, head, and

Through a wide exploration of the unique ways in which animal senses decode the world, Ed Yong

I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s earlier work I Contain Multitudes, and this one was equally engrossing

For a more specific look into the sensory world of dogs, the animals that probably live in