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8 Joke Books for Kids to Fuel Storytime Laughter

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You might think I sound callous or cold, but if you know, you know

I want to help them feel comfortable chatting and learn the cadence of a joke

I understand that some performers take a long time to come into their own and there is

While these can support the budding comedians in your life, they also have the bonus feature of

This title is full of silly jokes that bring the culture of Judaism to life

Kopitnikoff includes a glossary of terms to make the jokes pop, and cartoon illustrations to add to

A joke book for kids WRITTEN by a kid? Yes please! This little author started creating her

Broken down into categories like family, animal, one liners, and puns, this book guarantees hours of fun

Need a break from silly knee-slappers? This book of puzzles and riddles will bring triumphant smiles as

Would You Rather books set up scenarios where people choose between two similar options

Fun enough as a conversation starter, the book can also be played as a game where contestants

Once your kiddo has graduated from the basics, this engaging book is a great next step

It even includes information on the basics of joke writing!

Knock-knock jokes can be the trickiest for young jokesters to land

This book could potentially save you from little hours of repeating “orange who?”