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8 Fun Reading Activities for Middle School Students

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Some don’t have the skills to read books appropriate to their grade level

Others haven’t been given the chance to explore new books and try new genres

With those reasons aside, many students don’t engage in reading because they haven’t learned how

It may sound simple, but it often just takes one book to transform a child’s indifference

I wanted to like them more, heck, I wanted to pick better books, but I wasn’t

I remember pushing through books just to get the little prizes offered by my local library

For the record, those free chocolate Frosties at Wendy’s were totally worth it

These books weren’t my favorite by any means, but they made me hunger for more

My mentors and teachers were essential in this reading journey

As educators, parents, librarians, we can’t always find that one book that will ignite that excitement,

How does one do that? By taking advantage of the learning environment

When reading a book with students, it’s important to employ multiple activities that can engage different

It also involves making adjustments to the content based on the books you’re reading and the

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For the sake of this article, I’m focusing on activities for middle school, but some of

This could be a map of the world or of a bedroom, restaurant, or other location

This will help students imagine the plot and engage their creativity! It can also spur on a

This is a good activity to prepare students for more complex discussions!

Pick a critical point in the story for your students and have them write a letter to

It also provides some insight into each student’s ideas about the book

I’m sure I’m not the only one who NEEDED to try Turkish delight from The

What about touch? Bring fabrics or other garments that characters would wear from King Arthur and His

Bonus points if you can find something that’s close to armor! There’s a lot of

Pretend there’s a storm in your classroom by letting students listen to thunder and other storm

Listen to the sound of crashing waves and stormy seas as you imagine a brave girl leaving

You could also play music that gets students in the mood to read based on the genre

To this day, I often listen to intense movie or video game soundtracks when reading fun adventures

Lastly, utilizing smell can be an exceptional tool when significant to the book

After finishing a book, it’s worth discussing alternative endings

Do you agree with the ending? Why or why not? How would you change it? This would

If they could change the ending, would they and how? They could write their response, discuss it

Have readers get into groups to put major plot points in order

Ask them to write down the five most important events in this book

Watch as they justify which events are more important than others! This is a great way to

This activity would be more or less fruitful for engagement depending on the book

Put the options in separate hats and have students choose one of each

You don’t have to create too many options because several students can have the same characters

Make sure to make time for students to present their finished work to the class

Additionally, they’d need a demonstration to get those pencils moving

Have your readers write a list of questions they’d ask some of the main characters in

If you want to take this a step further, assemble a small group of students who could

They could use the book and their own reasoning to provide some textual evidence for their answers

Okay, I know that any sort of celebration can take a lot of planning and work, but

At the beginning of a unit, you can present this as a final project that students display

Since the event will happen at the end of a unit, they can choose from an assortment

Require a sign up for each option so you know what the celebration will look like

You can even have students vote on their favorite performance, diorama, etc

I wonder what details students would put in their little motel

As you read each book, encourage the students to think about what they’d like to do

Don’t have a class full of students? Plan to throw a little party after reading a

Let your reader decide what to work on (acting out a scene, diorama, character backstory)

Choose a few notable treats from your books and include some book appropriate music!