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8 Fascinating Fashion History Books

The history of fashion is filled with stories that are stranger than fiction

Fashion history books can focus on anything from the development of a particular item to a global

Clothing and accessories have the dual purpose of communicating status and community affiliation (like bookish fashion), while

” Fashion sits at the intersection of art, innovation, and daily life

This is why fashion history is so important: it reflects countercultural trends, changing social mores, and personal

Jessica Glasscock is a writer and curator, and she takes a museum-like, expansive approach to the history

She presents the various iconic shapes for both eyeglasses and sunglasses, like aviators and the bug-eye glasses

Glasses serve a daily function, and designers are always trying to innovate the form so people can

Lingerie is an appealing subject, but it can be intimidating because of the specialized care that the

Before Anna Wintour, Diana Vreeland was the shaper of fashion discourse through her stewardship of American Vogue

There would be no Vogue as it is today without the work of Diana Vreeland

Alexander Vreeland compiled over 250 pieces of personal correspondence from Diana, who worked with luminaries across art and

For those who love ephemera, this collection is fascinating in how you get to see the inner

As one of the very few Black men in fashion, Talley always stood out

He truly leaves no stone unturned in this memoir: he reveals the ugly realities of the fashion

However, Talley persisted in this world because he believed in the power of fashion and its potential

Throughout fashionable history, Black communities in the United States have sparked trends and innovated style on small

Her autobiography is also a larger exploration of Black fashion in America

Her story is one of fashion celebration, from its larger sociocultural history to how it lives on

Fashion has a long cultural reach: portraits from centuries ago can be analyzed down to the jewelry

Even if most of us aren’t dealing in pieces one would define as “wearable art” every