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8 Fantasy Books With Magic Systems Based on Art

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It helps the world make sense, gives a limit to what power can do, and brings some

There are several basic types of magic systems you can see in a fantasy world, but I

Today, we’re looking at books with magic systems based on art!

For at its core, art is a creative work that evokes feelings — and that can come in

Like dance, weaving — and heck, even tea-making can be considered an art

Therefore, you can say that there are many types of magic systems based on art, depending on

So for today’s list, not all books will fit a classic art type

In it, the characters brew tea to get different magical effects

Shadowshaper is the perfect book for this topic because those who use magic can connect with spirits

The story follows a girl named Sierra Santiago, who was looking forward to a fun, artsy summer

But everything changes when a zombie-like creature appears at a party, and her comatose grandfather starts apologizing

The only problem? Someone is trying to get rid of all the Shadowshapers — and it’s up

The art fantasy elements are more low-key in Phoenix Extravagant, but it still very much deserves its

That’s because it actually uses a magical pigment that you can paint on automatons to animate

But fate has other plans: they are drafted by the Ministry of Armor to paint mystical sigils

So naturally, when Jebi finds out, they escape with a mighty mechanical dragon and plans to take

We follow Lady Sandrilene after she discovers a young boy using dance magic

Brandon Sanderson is a popular fantasy author, and his magic systems always stand out

This is one of his lesser-known books, but it has a fun magic system based on art!

That is, until students at the Armedius Academy start to disappear — and Joel and his friend Melody

Silvia Moreno-García’s debut is being released again, complete with a gorgeous new cover

In Signal to Noise, characters cast magic spells using one of my favorite art forms — music! The

The first is in 1988, when she finds out she can cast spells using vinyl records

Then it jumps 21 years into the future, where we see Meche return home for her father’s

The story follows the titular Bitter, who is attending a school named Eucalyptus

It’s like a safe haven for her, even if injustice plagues the streets outside of it

Bitter wants to stay safe inside Eucalyptus’s walls, but her friends aren’t willing to keep

The Four Profound Weaves follows a weaver named Uiziya, who is looking for the master weaver to

The two travel together to find Benesret — but there’s a price for what they want out

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