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8 Epic Fantasy Authors like Brandon Sanderson

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However, even more authors like Brandon Sanderson are out there waiting for you to pick them up

As a decade-long Sanderson fan, I have been recommending his books in the Cosmere, the Cytoverse, and

I look forward to his god-level magic systems, dense world histories, and complex political systems

So I seek out authors like Brandon Sanderson to experience the same magic

Whenever I read a Brandon Sanderson book, I always feel like I am visiting an old friend

It is equal parts comforting and emotionally devastating and I cannot help but fall in love each

Before selling a single book, Sanderson wrote 13 manuscripts while working as a night clerk at a hotel

In the Cosmere, he has his high fantasy epic, The Stormlight Archive, with four novels and two

I can confirm the art is fantastic and the storytelling elements make the game incredibly fun no

Then there are the two standalone novels, three White Sand graphic novels, and the short story collection,

Sanderson’s Cytoverse includes his YA sci-fi series, The Skyward Series, with three novels and a short

the Evil Librarians series, the two books in his game novelization Infinity Blade Series, the five books

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Also, you may have recently heard about how he wrote four secret novels for fun during the

Sanderson apparently had free time in the absence of his in-person events and speaking engagements

The whole thing made it clear he had the fans (myself included) willing to buy anything he

The goal was to find work that reminds me of aspects of Sanderson’s writing

These irresistible authors like Brandon Sanderson are craft masters who’ve developed impossible worlds and imagined a

As a Black and Native author, Rebecca Roanhorse’s sci-fi and fantasy novels often center Navajo characters

I promise it is perfect for fans looking for a darker, adult version of The Reckoners Series

She even has a middle grade book, Race to the Sun, and a Star Wars novelization, Resistance

I’ve found her tone and god-centered worldbuilding are a perfect fit for Sanderson fans

Jemisin to anyone interested in fantasy, but I do think she is an excellent fit for Brandon

The urban fantasy books set in New York City, The Great Cities, is an excellent option for

Suri’s work is perfect for fans of Sanderson’s many fantastical uprisings

Although Saara El-Arifi is a 2022 debut author, I can already tell she is someone the fantasy world

The Final Strife is the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy inspired by her Ghanaian and

El-Arifi’s first novel not only has a revolution waiting to overthrow the ruling class but also

The Disasters perfectly captures the energy of the unlikely group of pilots at Skyward flight academy

Then, Spellhacker is for everyone who loves the heist energy from Cytonic

In general, they are just great at building large casts of YA characters you immediately understand and

Listen, I know the Legion fanbase might not be incredibly large, but if you are a part

The series follows an investigator who meets a gun-for-hire using her supernatural mathematical abilities to extract anything

Schwab is an obvious choice for a Sanderson author comp, but they had to be included

Not only does their work span the Sanderson age range (from middle grade to YA to adult

Fans of Mistborn (and mistcloaks) will be down for the Shades of Magic series (and Kel’s

I am going to start my Patrick Rothfuss recommendation with a warning

If you start this series, I am not responsible for the fact that you may never finish

The second book, The Wise Man’s Fear, was published in 2011 and the likelihood we will ever

It is a solid option for fans of Sanderson’s expansive high fantasy worlds

Brandon Sanderson’s books release like clockwork and provide more and more material in his growing worlds

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