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8 Enchanting YA Fairy Tales to Feast on This Fall

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Or, as luck would have it, a whole list of YA fairy tales for your reading pleasure!

Whether your favorite fairy tale is 6,000 years old or only 600, the fact remains that these preternatural tales

Fascinatingly, the vast majority of fairy tales were passed down through the oral tradition until relatively recently

Of course, that’s just one facet (the Brothers Grimm) of one tradition (European) of fairy tales

And then there’s the fact that the fairy tale is an ever-evolving beast

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Luckily for us, the most wondrous of fairy tales are still being spun by talented storytellers

And when Simidele breaks all the rules and saves a living boy, there must be consequences

” Thus begins the story of Blanca and Roja, sisters whose fates are bound up in a desperate

After just a few short paragraphs, McLemore’s writing will have you absolutely captivated in this enchanting

As with all good fairy tales, this story of family and love takes a turn when the

Instead, two centuries later, an oppressively heteropatriarchal monarchy mandates that all teenage girls attend the Annual Ball

What’s worse is that Sophia’s attraction to women is a dangerous kind of desire in

When she flees the ball without her best friend and love interest, Erin, she finds herself at

As their love story burgeons, their plot to take down the monarchy comes with higher and higher

When several kids go missing on Wendy’s 18th birthday, it dredges up the trauma of her

Violet is a Seer tasked with faking a prophecy about Prince Cyrus’ future bride

It’s up to Violet to figure out how to save the kingdom, the prince, and herself

This Beauty and the Beast retelling centers on Yeva, a strong young woman who would rather take

However, his sudden disappearance leads Yeva to track the Beast, tracing her father’s footsteps to the

Interestingly, book 3, A Darkness at the Door (released this last summer) is set in the same storyworld

It reunites readers with Rae, who found self-acceptance in the previous volume, in spite of ableist mistreatment,

Having been held captive on a snatcher’s ship, she ends up entangled with a dangerous Fae

Even though this book was first published in 2009, it’s a classic queer retelling of Cinderella

It doesn’t take long for her to fall for the king’s huntress, Kaisa — a bold

As their relationship develops, Ash has to reckon with her past in order to proceed with her