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8 Books to Buy to Help You Buy Fewer Books

If you’re a compulsive book buyer like me, you know books have a way of attracting

And when you give the reader a bookshelf, she’s going to want a book on feng

And when the bookshelf is once again too full, she’ll need books about first-time homeownership, because

But house shopping will have to wait because this paragraph inspired her to buy a limited edition

  Still, my TBR pile is so big, I should start charging it rent

I’ve come up with a totally foolproof plan to buy some books to help me buy

This has to work, right? Let’s check out the shopping list

Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary will get me on a budget that promises to bring “peace and

Next, I turn to the queen of organizing, Marie Kondo, to help me out

Yet, the sight of my overstuffed bookshelves makes my heart skip a beat

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Disappointed with tidying, I move to the more extreme organization principle: minimalism

It also makes me appreciate my Kindle, which holds thousands of books and fits in my purse

Since I consider an ereader the perfect minimalist accessory, perhaps I need a more psychological take on

McKeown won’t let me off the hook with space-saving strategies

He believes I need to dig into my core beliefs and focus on what I truly want

Author Walter Mischel designed the famous “marshmallow test

Embracing this logic, I buy a book now to help out my future self, who doesn’t

In the other direction from self-control, maybe it’s an urge for productivity that fuels my book

In that case Dutch authors Willems and Aalders have the antidote

If I embrace the Dutch method, I will be content perhaps just daydreaming

Hygge, I am sure, requires me to surround myself with many more books

Libraries are the solution to compulsive book buying, right? I mean, if I actually read all the

Time for desperate measures: if concern for my wallet doesn’t curb my book buying, maybe concern

I appreciate the beautiful trees around me and think twice about lining my bookshelves with their pulverized

A more determined and thrifty reader may have better results

By discovering how all these approaches cannot tame my love of book buying, I realized buying A

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