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8 Books Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Get

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a smash hit: the books have sold more than 275 million copies

This is a tricky age for children: they’re still little, of course, but they’re also

This in-between stage can be a weird time for children to navigate as they establish their position

Having a book series with a relatable main character, sharing their honest thoughts, can make kids feel

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that your child will click with

Tom Gates is a funny, slightly cheeky school kid, and his diaries are silly and relatable for

Packed with Tom’s doodles and his tongue-in-cheek jokes about his teachers and classmates, these are moreish

Once your child starts reading them, chances are they’ll want all of them!

I’d recommend the Tom Gates books to any fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Ideal for 9-year-olds and upwards, these are a good series to try if your child is struggling

Based on the cover, it’s hard to tell what exactly happens in Future Ratboy and the

The back cover asks questions, but answers them with a simple statement: ‘just read the book!’

This book is packed with surprises, and it’s a hilarious, silly story with a similar tone

The characters are funny, the story is dramatic, and it’s just right for 7 to 10-year-old readers

The Horrible Histories books, along with the TV show, are an excellent way of getting children interested

They select the goriest, silliest, most ridiculous details in a period of time (for example, the Stone

Awful Egyptians is an excellent choice for kids around the age of 7-10 and will make an

If your child struggles with fiction, these are worth trying

And as a side note, the TV show is excellently funny for both children and adults alike

It’s a classic adventure story, and the main character, Franky, is very relatable

When a storm hits, the kids in Franky’s town start to develop superpowers

However, things quickly start to go wrong, and Franky details everything in a series of letters to

It’s a sweet story, and the developing relationship between Franky and his new friends (as well

Fletcher is a witty writer, and even reluctant readers should enjoy this one

His narration is so good that adults won’t mind listening in, too

Abbie is about to start middle school, and she’s a chaotic whirlwind of a character

It’s honest, almost searingly honest, and will come as a relief to similarly-minded ‘tweenagers’

Kids of this age group are growing up quickly, but aren’t quite grown-up enough to tackle

It’s also visually engaging and offers some light relief for kids overloaded with homework

With more than 10 books available, there’s plenty here for a primary-aged child to get stuck into

They’re silly, funny, sweet, and full of doodles that kids will enjoy looking at

Barry doesn’t mind the name ‘Loser’ because he thinks he is cool enough to make up

Barry tackles this in an interesting way, and the books reveal an important message while still being

His father has lost his job, the family have to downsize their home, and his younger brothers

Norm responds to this by sticking his head in the sand, rather than dealing with his problems

Norm is very relatable, especially to kids going through similar problems

If your child enjoys the first one, the box set of 12 books would make a great gift (

Many of the books on this list feature boys as the main character

Excellent for encouraging boys to read, but what about girls?

There are a whopping 15 books in this series, aimed at children aged 8 and up

She often feels like a misfit: her family isn’t wealthy, she has a kind of eccentric

Her diaries are brutally honest and extremely relatable to any kid who doesn’t fit in with

If you have a child in your life that has exhausted the Diary of a Wimpy Kid

There is a world of excellent literature for children aged 9-12, so hopefully, you’ll be able

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