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7 Books about Codependency to Help You Understand

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Thus, finding books about codependency can be difficult for those who want to know about and understand

Currently, having a codependency is not something health professionals can diagnose

It took me years to realize that I have it in the form of unhealthy attachments: I

When I left the company, I couldn’t help but feel sad that I shed tears walking

But it turned out that the ex-colleague cut off ties with me after I sent them an

I thought we were becoming friends — but boy, was I wrong! All I wanted during that time

So I fell down the melancholy spiral for many years, chasing that accompaniment

Since then, I read self-help books about the subject and felt that I became more aware of

And with a great support system, I became significantly less codependent in my relationships

Since the topic of codependency is extensive, its types can include a spiral into alcoholism, abuse, and

If you’re struggling to find out whether you may have it, I have seven diverse books

In essence, seeking books about codependency is just half the battle as books may only provide self-awareness

Still, don’t underestimate the power of self-help literature during this uncertain stage

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And with that, here are the best books on breaking codependency

If you feel that you have codependent tendencies, this book may provide answers, such as why you

In Codependency for Dummies, the author tries to define what codependency is, aiming for a comprehensive book

Once knowing more about it, the author also provides some advice on how to recover through helpful

This is a must-read for anyone who want to read up on codependency but don’t know

When I’d turn down a friend’s invitation to meet up, I’d feel guilty

He hopes that this book will shed light on the coping process of people with this condition

The book is full of lessons that, since codependency may involve emotional abuse, includes ways on how

He was known for his wisdom in different aspects of life, especially love and relationships

In the book, Krishnamurti has written essays from 1940 to 1982 in different parts of the world

“And the instinctive reaction is to turn away from it,” he addresses readers and then provides some

This book is a delight to read; Krishnamurti’s essays are very insightful and inspiring

Aside from demystifying codependency, the author provides ways on how to possibly conquer it

According to her, these experiences sent her in a downward spiral

But then, the ensuing realizations helped her discover the culprit: that she’s codependent

The book focuses on an aspect of being codependent: boundaries

It explains what boundaries are, their importance, why we don’t have them, what they look like,

“This book will break down the many aspects of having healthy boundaries and offer insights into how

” She hopes that by reading this book, readers who experience similar dilemma can give themselves confidence and

In the book, the author says that she experienced codependency herself by being “raised by an alcoholic

I’m putting my life on the page for all to see,” she writes in the Introduction

In it, she also says that the word codependency is overused, misunderstood, and still unknown to many

If that’s not for you, you may try other books in this list

Somehow, I can relate to this, since I think that my mom can be codependent with me

Though I’m already an adult and live on my own, she always asks me where I

In this book, the author recounts her experience of pleasing her family members, doing whatever they want

Exercises to make them aware of these behaviors are also included

Though the book is written with parents in mind — and with the objective of helping them and

The first step to breaking codependency is to be aware of its signs

I hope that these books about codependency will be beneficial on your road to recovery