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6 Questions to Help You Shape Your Reading Practice

Each person who lives by faith has what we call a “spiritual practice,” which involves incorporating activities

I argue that if we have spiritual practices, we also have reading practices that are just as

Let’s go over what exactly a “reading practice” is, and then we’ll get into how

“The Divine” might very well be agnostic, atheist, or faith-based

The fact is, for many people, reading is a spiritual activity

They read to understand the world more deeply; for some, that includes seeking an autodidactic learning experience

It’s no fluke that storytelling is among the oldest traditions in humankind

It is through stories that we live through our heroes’ journeys, learning valuable lessons, challenging our beliefs,

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What do you want books to teach you? Some read to learn new information

For them, reading is an instructional process, one to supplement, eclipse, or replace a formal education

I didn’t think I was “smart enough” to retain information in nonfiction books

I read nonfiction to expand my worldview, to learn new things, and to understand the world a

If a spiritual practice is oriented around goals towards a spiritual journey, so too can we undertake

In your reading practice, what goals do you have for your reading journey? Start with the most

Whether you want to read 12, 50, or 100 books each year, having a target like that will set you

For this question, look at short, medium, and long-term goals

At a minimum, you’ll want to log your reading in progress, completed, and to-read on a

Adding books with shelves to tag with each book you record can help you remember a book

But you might want to go deeper and review each book on a social reading site, start

No matter what you choose to do to document your reading journey, you’ll be creating valuable

It’s so important to read from authors writing about their own identities to understand the experiences

It’s crucial to utilize reading as a vehicle to explore our diverse world

Connecting with other readers is one part of your reading experience

Now it’s possible to join in on the bookish Internet, from the Bookstagram community on Instagram

The point is: reading doesn’t have to be an activity of isolation anymore

You can dive into the bookish world online and in person and experience the joy of books

And there you have it: six questions to help you develop your personal reading practice