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6 Brilliant Books Like The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

If you love Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books, then you need to pick up these 6 books like

It’s an addictive story, with twists and turns, old-school-Hollywood glamour, and secrets unfolding slowly throughout

If you’re looking for books similar to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, look no further

Here are six books with similar themes about love, riches, fame, glamour, sexuality, and regret

It follows the incredibly wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love, Daisy Buchanan

Like Seven Husbands, it explores the reality behind the fame, fortune, and excess the characters are living

Chasing the American dream turns out to be a futile exercise for Jay, (in the same way

Many of us read The Great Gatsby at school, but even if you have, I’d recommend

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Based on Truman Capote’s friendship with Babe Paley and other ‘Swans’ of 1950s New York

The setting is vivid, and it brings to life the reality behind the glamour

If you don’t know anything about Capote, this book will give you a real picture of

It reads like a story, and you’ll soon be sucked into the world Benjamin brings to

It’s well-researched and juicy without being too gossipy, and it’s an absorbing read, not just

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As the name suggests, this is a book full of scandals and secrets

Like Seven Husbands, this book is about keeping up appearances, even under incredibly dark and difficult circumstances

They have their own secrets too, and the plot brings the three of them together

Like Seven Husbands, the mysteries buried in this story make for compulsive reading

I’d recommend this one as a good holiday read – it’s the kind of book you

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As she grapples with the feeling of being plain and homesick, she meets Esme and falls into

Was Darby involved in the deadly incident? What really happened there?

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It follows Vivian Morris, recently kicked out of Vassar College, as she goes to live with her

It’s also a story about making some pretty hefty mistakes and having to deal with the

The book is told from the perspective of the now elderly Vivian, telling her story and spilling

If you loved how Evelyn was able to reflect so wisely on her past self in Seven

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Nicholas Young, an incredibly charming heir to a huge fortune, falls in love with Rachel, an American-born

What follows is Rachel’s experience as she plunges, headfirst, into the world of riches and splendour

It plunges you into another world, the kind where private jets are used as taxis and appearances

This is the first of three books (with China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems completing the

If you like The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and you’ve been looking for a similar

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