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50+ Support Synonyms & Antonyms

When we overuse a word, we often need to find a new way of saying the same

Today, we’re taking a look at some great synonyms for support that you can use in

First, let’s take a look at the various definitions of support

Knowing the appropriate definition will help you decide which synonyms are best to use

Support comes from a Medieval Latin word, supportare, which means to convey or endure

Support can mean to back something up, such as evidence backing up a claim

It can mean to uphold or agree with a policy, law, issue, theory, or argument

It can refer to a physical support structure or to  moral or psychological support

Support can also mean the things that are needed to survive or the various resources needed in

Here are some synonyms for providing immaterial assistance and moral support:

Here are some synonyms when support means to back up a statement, theory, or ideal:

When talking about providing financial aid to someone, you can say:

You can use assistance as another word for many of the definitions of support

For example, a pillar and a cornerstone are both types of support, but they are not the

Now, let’s look at some related words for support when you are referring to immaterial assistance:

Finally, here are some words you might use when you’re talking about support as the basic

For example, aid often refers to both material and immaterial assistance

Let’s check out a few examples of sentences using support and its synonyms

Here’s an example of support referring to a physical structure:

Now, let’s check out some examples of the verb form of support

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Synonyms provide variety in writing, making it easier and more enjoyable to read

But, be sure to choose the right word when you’re finding synonyms for your overused words