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5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination In Writing | by Natasha Writena |

How many days have passed, and you still haven’t started writing?!

But when it’s time to write and implement this dream, it’s as if we get

Motivation is the main driving force of the engine of writing and content creation, and like fuel

Like you, I often experienced this lack of motivation during content writing

And wherever I find a good point, I write it quickly in my Notion

Of course, not all of these instructions are supposed to work for everyone

Depending on the type of moral characteristics and his/her lifestyle, people should be able to get

This technique is inspired by the procrastination technique from Seinfeld, who is one of the most successful

Divide the blank paper into 30 days squares and record the day’s date on top of every

The fact is that it is not the calendar that does something for you

You do the task every day, put a cross mark on your calendar, and motivate yourself to

The best thing is to set a minimum number of words for each day

And the only thing you should do is “don’t break the chain

But only when you can get a tangible reward for yourself and encourage yourself that the cross

Getting motivated and starting to write by watching and analyzing movies or series can be one of

It was just some months ago that one night when I was exhausted from my daily work

And the day after that, I converted this idea into a blog post, and the interesting thing

I used this idea to write an article about ideas for success and entrepreneurship, and personal development

So, if you are a fan of watching series or TV shows, you can reach a lot

So instead of sitting at your desk and staring at the blank page until an idea comes

We are only sometimes supposed to have original, first-handed, creative ideas to produce viral content

Besides, this way allows us to start writing immediately and conveniently

In addition, the best thing is to look at your previous content with positive comments when you

After reviewing this kind of comment, you feel there is a heavy responsibility on your shoulders that

People care more about themselves headaches than the death of you and me, so don’t be

But if we believe in the words of “Dale Carnegie “that people care more about their headaches

Whenever this kind of fear and lack of motivation comes to you, just consider that each of

Our planet is one in billion planets in the Milky Way galaxy, and our galaxy is one

Choose small paths for content writing, not big and unattainable goals

Or we would like to launch a site within a few months and reach a million audience

But consider that you wake up in the morning and when you want to start, what you

Certainly, you disappoint and give up because you feel you will never be able to finish this

Still, you must do this without any interruption, and you must write every day

Just like every day when you do a series of routine things, for example, when you wake

Do you have ever have a similar experience? What have you done?