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5 Timeless Formatting Hacks From the Book “How To Win

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is eighty-six years old

For Carnegie’s book to become a masterpiece, he had to go the extra mile

Timeless means that even when an author dies, the book doesn’t stop selling and giving advice

Aside from what Carnegie wrote in his books, the actual game is how he displayed the words

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” has a total of 1–12 chapters in the book

Dale Carnegie divided his book into chunky parts, making it easy to read

However, most book range from 200+ pages, but Dale’s book was always easy to complete

Most people prefer sticking with the first title — the one with numbers

As a result of Dale Carnegie’s book, I learned a clever way to surprise my readers

“I rushed back into the preface portion, where every chapter and subchapter was listed with page numbers

Every subheading starts with a confusing statement we can only cover by reading

Where fonts and word size fails to make an impact, white space does

Buy by adding paragraphs, listicles, and examples, you can easily make white space

Dale’s subtitles are enclosed as a message — something you can’t decode until you read it

To make it simpler, Dale encloses the principle at the end of each chapter — but only — at

This one of Dale’s methods sparked my addiction: making (un)clear subheadings

In the first chapter of this book “Nine suggestions to get most out of this book” Dale

Honestly, it brainwashes us when anyone tells you this is the best book ever

With every passing chapter, I got frightened to forget anything and re-read it multiple times

Bonus, my friend, includes a sweet disclaimer — a kind of disclaimer that would benefit your book