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5 Reasons Why Brandon Sanderson Made It in The Writing

What do you require from fantasy books? Good pacing, complex characters, grey areas, shocking twists, camouflaged Easter

With more than 25 books in circulation and 20 million sold now, Sanderson must have some magic with him

On a personal level, he made me excited about the fantasy genre again

I love to get lost in his carefully constructed worlds and words

Martin, Scott Lynch, and Patrick Rothfuss, except for the fantasy genre and the best-selling tag?

Unlike these three fabulous craftsmen, Brandon Sanderson has never disappointed his fans this way

He gives regular updates about his books and even sends out excerpts in emails! His new releases

So, be it writing online or offline, defeat writer’s block, and rock the market!

The descriptions aren’t flowery, but they aren’t as dry either

The first book of the second series didn’t impress me at all

Only due to its fame I gave it another shot, and DNF’ed it

Maas, as an author, hadn’t matured or improved, ruining the pleasure of reading

Stormlight Archive left me breathless — it was that good and flawless

Most of us won’t make a living with writing as a craft, and we know it

Love writing, and acquire some of Sanderson’s traits like consistency, clarity, and self-improvement, and who knows,