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5 Gripping Books Like Malibu Rising to Read this Summer

Are you a fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books? Then here are 5 amazing books like Malibu

With a sumptuous setting, realistic and relatable characters, and an unusual family setup, it’s a good

It’s also a great story about reconnecting with your own roots, even when your family history

If you like Malibu Rising and you’re looking for something similar, here are five books you

If you want some escapism, look no further – these books like Malibu Rising will take you somewhere

Written as though the events are real, it investigates the disappearance of Zoe Nolan, a student at

Seven years later, writer Evelyn Mitchell is drawn into the story and turns to crime writer Joseph

The book has a journalistic style, using interviews and emails to crack the case

It’s the small details in dialogue that makes it feel as though you’re really eavesdropping

Stylistically, it’s a unique book, and the story unfolds in a slightly different way than a

If you want to switch things up a bit, this is a great one to try out

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Picture Perfect tells the story of anthropologist Cassie Barrett, married to Hollywood darling Alex Rivers

Stuck in a cycle of abuse and anger, we meet Cassie in the midst of making the

Cassie reminds me of Nina River in Malibu Rising: outwardly, her situation is perfect, but inwardly, the

Picoult is excellent at depicting the small, subtle details in long-term relationships

Picoult is excellent at creating realistic characters that you can’t help but root for, even if

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The setting is important in both Malibu Rising and The Paper Palace, where the place is almost

Unlike Malibu Rising’s beautiful beach setting, The Paper Palace takes place in an old, rambling house

While visiting her childhood holiday home, the main character Elle betrays her husband by sleeping with her

Similar to Jenkins-Reid, Cowley Heller is excellent at portraying complex relationships

Elle makes some questionable decisions, which makes The Paper Palace a good choice for book clubs

I won’t mention them here in case you want to avoid spoilers, but it’s worth

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Claire stumbles upon a man, Clive, who was questioned after the disappearance of her sister, and this

Schaitkin describes the reality behind the paradise of Saint X: the gorgeously maintained resorts, with the overflowing

The beautiful golden beaches, and the tractors scooping up the seaweed before guests wake up in the

Saint X is the kind of book you’ll devour in a day, just like Malibu Rising

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Set just after the turn of the new millennium, Perfect Tunes begins in New York, where hopeful

Her story is waylaid slightly by a tumultuous relationship with another musician

Later, Laura’s daughter Marie has some difficult questions that Laura is not prepared to answer

It’s a journey of how far life can take you, and whether or not it is

It has a lot of similar themes, too: about parenthood, sacrifice, and broken dreams

The characters are believable, and again, you’ll be rooting for them throughout, even if you disagree

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