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4 Ways In Which Returning To Writing After Breaks Can

When nurturing consistency is offered as sage advice for writers — it can be a bit confusing when

The real question is, “How can the most be made out of this?”;

The journey of writing offers many such opportunities — we just have to be open to tap into

Here are 4 ways (certainly not exhaustive) in which returning to writing after a break can be useful:

While this is certainly essential to craft a space and build an identity, it might be helpful

Writing consistently builds us up with a voice and style that truly has our essence embedded in

Because the truth is, voice in writing is first found, but after that, it requires work for

It could be little moderations in our work that add an essential flavour of fresh to it,

There are all kinds of things that motivate people to put their words out there for readers,

A pause can reveal so much more to us, than what we can even conceive;

And once it does, it is our responsibility to come back with versions that outgrow the older

As we all continue to ride this journey of writing — let us remind ourselves that breaks can