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4 Things Writers and Real Estate Agents Have in Common |

Full of people, all sorts of crazy characters, contained within these walls — these pages — and going about

Hallways connect room to room, like chapters flowing from one to the next

There are staircases to build that rise in tension, and faulty floorboards to kickstart the fall

And I guess that makes us writers the real estate agents who sell them

No matter how long it takes to locate and lure them — that is irrefutably true

You just have to find the right storytakers and homemakers to settle down inside your pages

They don’t see words on a page, they seen $$$$ signs on a bank statement

Some are bare, empty, void of any emotion or charm whatsoever

People might buy, might read these unfeeling homes and stories — but at the end of the day,

They know the ins and outs, the whereabouts, they’ve personally tested the beds, checked the electrics,

They’ve mentally dined with their characters, they’ve made mood boards for the scenes and they’

You know they’re not just selling a house — they’re selling a home

Writers, real estate agents — the right ones — they’re creators and givers of a place to call

Some do it for money, but most do it because they want to harness that moment, that