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4 Invaluable Writing Lessons That Apply To Life — And Why

If there’s one thing that doesn’t take too long to know — it is how life

What we might end up learning in one area, situation, event or circumstance, can (more often than

Drawing from practising the art of writing — what follows below are 4 nuggets of wisdom, that if applied

Writing is not always about having a burning desire to put words out there with all that

Yes, an unclear sense of purpose might strike us, every now and then, but certainly not to

Sometimes, we could be least motivated to stay on track, but it is those moments that define

And it is okay to find uncomfortable answers at the time, because ultimately, we need to set

Whether that would mean to stay the course, while doing the best we can with everything we’

Our instincts are wired to tell us too fight, and the more we cling to that voice

While we might prefer approaching things the way we craft it in our head, it might be

Evolution is a constant, and every passing moment, event, and situation shapes us into someone we weren’

And when such changes shape us, our approach towards our work, craft, and our way of being,

“I mean that becoming yourself is a series of building and undoing…”

And there are many externalities that are beyond one’s control, constantly pushing and pulling at it,

“When we have a clear sense of our destination, we can be flexible in the route we