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4 Crazy Tips To Punch Past Your Self-Imposed Limitations and

Three days ago, my friend invited me to a cocktail party at her house

That’s when she told me: everything (including us) has a limit — but who says the limit

” Writing is amongst the top 1 freelancing jobs, which means anyone can do it while sitting in the

Let me tell you one thing: to succeed in any career, you must put the same energy

Writing one article per day won’t be enough if you want to build a career as

If you look closely, you’ll realize that successful people follow the chop method

” For example, you can read books in the morning, write in the afternoon, edit in the evening

Also, it’s one of the reasons I write 2–3 articles per day

Before filling everything on one plate, here is a tip: exercise just after waking up, before breakfast

That means you’ll feel an inch of pain in your calves, but sure, a cold shower

A few years ago, I started seeing “Kara Para Ask,” an award-winning Turkish drama about crime

You must surround yourself with the same content you’re willing to pen

Brainstorm about headlines and topics you’ll write about tomorrow

When you set strict deadlines, you are automatically driven to complete the work

To spice things up, maybe write your task with the deadline on a nice notebook journal and

Setting deadlines has helped many writers and editors to finish their work on time

Self-employed means you’ve to be your own boss if you’re a

Writing on a 4-hour-work-week, Timothy gives an example of an assignment that is due in six months

“If a task is easier to do, and you have 6 months to complete, then we lose interest

Whatever task is coming your way, put a deadline to complete it

Make sure you give yourself ample (sufficient) time to complete the task

I research a few headlines and then let my fingers reveal the true spirit from within

To improve your quality and lessen your workload: do the proper research

Before writing any article, she outlines the title, list, and perfect tone of voice to write

By improving the overall quality of your work, you can focus on creating good articles rather than

Because our mind is like a river — knowledge flows, but it’s your responsibility to hold the