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35 Best Holiday Books

‘Tis the season for reading festive books! We don’t need an excuse to buy more books,

By telling stories during the holidays, we can connect with each other and remember that the core

In this article, we’ve put together a list of our favorite holiday books in seven different

Whether you like a winter’s tale, a cozy love story, or a chilling murder mystery, you’

Here are our top five timeless tales of love, tradition, and magic

Why it’s a favorite: This story reminds us that Christmas is a time to reach out

A little boy creates a snowman who comes to life, and they both go on a magical

Why it’s a favorite: It triggers a nostalgic feeling of waking up and heading into a

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a beautifully illustrated retelling of a Mexican legend about Christmas

Why it’s a favorite: This novel reminds us to celebrate the simple joy of spending time

On Christmas Eve, a boy boards a magical train that takes him to the North Pole to

Why it’s a favorite: It tells us that even small gifts can mean so much to

Miriam and Noelle need to work together to save Carrigan’s Christmas tree farm from going under

Minnie and Quinn were born on the same day and, after 30 years of missed opportunities, their paths

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a slow burn romance set during New Year’s Eve

Rachel must work with her archenemy, Jacob, to rekindle her love for Jewish traditions, so she can

Vivian visits the UK and is enchanted by Malcolm, who is a private secretary for the British

Maelyn finds herself stuck in a time loop, reliving the same Christmas holiday over and over again

Why it’s a favorite: This modern feel-good romance reminds us it’s okay to put yourself

These are five novels that transport you to a different world to enjoy the holiday traditions

Why it’s a favorite: Pratchett gives us an alternative Christmas we want to believe in

Why it’s a favorite: Who doesn’t want to escape to Narnia for a cup of

This is the tale of Godfather Drosselmeier and his journey to become the toy-maker who carved the

Why it’s a favorite: It’s more than a retelling of The Nutcracker—it’s a

Why it’s a favorite: This is a darker fantasy tale with history, magical realism, and gripping

Why it’s a favorite: Dabos has created a beautiful world to escape to during the winter

Don’t be fooled into thinking holiday books are all magic and sparkles

Here are five books that bring some mystery and murder to the festive period

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a murder mystery that keeps us guessing until the very

Why it’s a favorite: It’s the book the Die Hard film was based on and

A library assistant and her best friend hunt down a suspected murderer

Why it’s a favorite: It’s set during the winter solstice of 1968, which acts as the

Why it’s a favorite: This story makes you question whether a family gathering is a good

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a classic Poirot mystery with a festive setting

These are five fun stories that make perfect presents for the holidays

One year, the Grinch steals Christmas from the people of Whoville

Shmelf is an elf who discovers the traditions of Hanukkah and asks Santa if he can be

Li’l Rabbit goes looking for a special gift for Granna Rabbit, so she can celebrate Kwanzaa

Why it’s a favorite: This story gives children an insight into the true meaning of Kwanzaa

Blanche Claus and her best friend, Rinki, work together to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve

A boy called Jackson meets Father Christmas and learns about how the man became Father Christmas

Young adult holiday books are brilliant for getting into the festive spirit

Here are five books to read while you drink hot chocolate as the snow falls outside

This is a collection of three stories about the residents of Gracetown and how they survived a

Vasilisa can see the house spirits in her home, and she must use her powers to save

In order to win a holiday bonus, Shoshanna must sell more books than the new guy, Jake

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a young adult holiday romance with rich character development and

Days later, snow traps the two girls together on Christmas Eve

After Holly dies, she works for Project Scrooge as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a paranormal holiday story inspired by A Christmas Carol and

These five books are modern classics that tick all the right boxes for a perfect winter read

Luther and Nora Krank attempt to skip Christmas to go on a Caribbean cruise

If he doesn’t want his publishers to call in his debts, Charles Dickens must write a

In quarantine together for the holidays, a family learns a lot more than they expected about each

Why it’s a favorite: It’s a story about how hiding secrets from family isn’t

This is a collection of stories about how cultures around the world celebrate the winter solstice

Jessamine intends to spend the Yuletide in a cottage in Cornwall

Why it’s a favorite: It’s set in a cute cottage in winter with a cat

We hope you’ve found some books you’d like to read over the holidays or even