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3 Tips to Write Successfully for the Web

Firstly – let’s crack the code of what web copywriting is…

You are trying to sell something with your words, and sometimes this is referred to as “sales

It’s a great way of making an extra income, and it’s super easy to get

You may be thinking, “Yeah, I love to write, but I’ve never thought of building a

But after implementing these three tips for successful copywriting, I saw my writing transform from being stale

Every great piece of copy I’ve ever read, I knew it was great because I simply

So you have 8 seconds to hook your reader in which means you need a killer introduction, which

Say your article title is, How to Choose Between Etsy and Shopify When Wanting to Sell Products

A common mistake writers can make is that they include unnecessary introductions of Shopify and Etsy, and

Try not to overload your audience with information they’re likely to have – keep it concise and

The second rule is a MUST in any writing that is trying to convert sales

Another common mistake that most writers make is they will list all the factual pieces of information,

The purchasing process is driven by emotions so talk about the experiences a customer will gain from

Shine the light back on your reader, and explain why the camera is going to make their

Listing endless features of the camera might not make sense to someone who’s not tech-savvy either

A call-to-action (CTA) is anything on the page that prompts an immediate response from your reader

Call-to-action buttons are not always for monetary purposes – they’re also great at prompting your reader to

You’ll rope in the reader with your majestic words, but you’ll have to tell them

Even if it’s just a number to ring, make it really obvious to the reader how

There are also definitely things such as bad CTA writing! Make sure the CTA is obvious, direct,

If I may add a bonus tip: don’t be afraid to bring your character through the

Now that you have these top tips to refer back to, it’s time to take action! (

Grab your pitch checklist, so you can land more web copywriting gigs

Written by Zara Choudhry, Founder of AnonymouslyZara – a platform inspiring women through articles about faith, lifestyle, career