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3 Strategies for Unleashing New Writing Ideas in the Most

And sometimes the key moment — that spark of inspiration or motivation — happens at the strangest times

Where is the location of this magical story-creating machine? My local gym

While this may seem like an odd source of article fodder, somehow the energy and dynamic work

I think it’s because the gym I frequent has two workout rooms, each separated from the

The other room is a large open space designed for fitness classes and yoga sessions

I close the door, dim the lights, and prepare for a private brainstorming session

To be clear, I actually work out during this time, beginning with a few stretches and yoga

Usually a past experience, memory, or encounter will rise to the surface

From that twinge of curiosity, something unique begins to develop, and the words pour into my brain

Because those are the issues and subjects that tend to stick around, at least until we can

Still, I realize I can’t rely on sole-sourcing this fountain of ideas

The reality is there are days when I can’t make it to the gym

In his post, “The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine,” author, blogger, and podcaster James Altucher

In some cases, this mental firewall helps to keep distractions and unproductive diversions at a safe distance

But to give myself more opportunities to find things to write about, I needed to turn my

Every day I create a new list of ideas and article topics — even if they suck

From those topics and notes, I’ll choose one or more to develop into a finished piece

Because everyone has their own viewpoint on just about everything

And when two or more people come together, things can get pretty interesting

My mental note pad begins to fill, and I use memory pegs to retain the information until

Because tomorrow, or next week, or next year, one of those concepts may resonate with you, and

Then let in a few stray thoughts and jumpstart your writing adventure

You might be surprised to discover a new sense of excitement and inspiration from this free-range method

Jill Reid is the author of Please God, Make Me A Writer, Real Life, Discover Your Personal