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3 Story ElementsYou Need to Know Before Starting to Write

If you are reading this article, you probably want to write a novel

However, there are many things one can do to make the process just a little bit easier,

However, I would advise you to keep going, because no matter the way you approach writing, I

First of all, you need to remember that every story has its hero(s)

This is true for any character, but it is especially valid for the hero of your story

If the hero has a perfect life, where does the conflict come from? How does their story

Here is where point 1 in the list above comes in: the character needs to have problems

Story A: the external story, all those events that get in the way of the plot

It is important that you know what problems both internally and externally your hero will face in

After all, if you know what the hero needs to overcome, it will be easier for you

Point 2 in the list concerns what the hero wants or needs to achieve and what they will

According to Save the Cat!, the question that you need to answer before starting to write your

They believe that if they will do x thing they will get what they want

It has to be something tangible, something the reader can keep track of so that they can

Since this goal has to hold up basically the entire story, it has to be something strong

Moreover, what they want might not be what they need, so they might work towards a certain

The want is what the hero thinks will solve the problem, what they need is what will

This means that the hero needs to face obstacles and challenges on the way to reaching their

The antagonist is the personification of conflict and therefore it is easier to write a decent one

A good antagonist is simply someone with the tools and the reasons to hinder the hero

Once you know what the antagonist has to do to stop the protagonist, you can start thinking

This is because different settings require different types of preparations

For instance, a fantasy world with a magical system will be more complex to build than a

Because of this, you should do worldbuilding before starting the novel so that you can use it

A minimum of preparation should be done even if your story is set in the real world,