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3 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Add Attitude To Your

Add the right level of sass to your writing with literary hacks

‘These facts are what permit optimism and also a little gallows humour; the noose may be on,

It helps that the Boomers are often ridiculous, and this book supplies ridicule accordingly, not for spite (

All tin-pot expropriators have fragile egos, and if sarcasm helps ease the Boomers out of office, let

If this isn’t oozing with sophistication and pizazz I don’t know what is

Here are three lessons I’ve taken away so far I’d encourage anyone to try

As well as having more style and personality than their commonplace counterparts, most of these ‘sophisticated’ verbs

Try right-clicking in Word once in a while and skim the synonyms to switch-up your narrative

Sure, you might get a great readability score on Grammarly or Hemmingway, but it’s a bit

Still, years of economic mediocrity notwithstanding, there always seemed to be a few good things to invest

How? Well, ‘economic mediocrity’ can be sliced and diced many ways

Paradoxically, using mediocre or mediocrity instead of average, can elevate your writing to beyond, well…mediocrity

Derived from the Greek word pseudes, which means false, it’s not a complete falsehood but more

I use it for when I’m trying to imply that the subject doesn’t display 100% of

I’m trying to say the work culture fostered some religious aspects (e

But I’m not calling the work environment or company religious

Watch the Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris, to see this in action (the lead character is

She provided a pseudomathematical explanation which left us with more questions than answers

So three handy lessons from a book that is essentially dissing Boomers (particularly of the American variety)