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3 Reasons to Write a Christmas Scene in Your Novel |

Add depth to scenes, characters, and plot by adding Christmas in your story

In Luisa May Alcott’s Little Women beginning the novel with a Christmas scene accomplishes several things

We see how tightly knit the girls and mother are and are introduced to each girl’s

We also see how their finances have changed in recent years, and even so, the girls are

The novel is considered a Christmas story because it begins and ends at Christmas time and yet

Like all holidays and seasons, Christmas is a great way to help mark time in a novel

It takes the reader little to no effort to know that Christmas is in December and the

Some books take the span of as little as 24 hours, as in James Joyce’s Ulysses, while

“Merry Christmas, Marilla! Merry Christmas, Matthew! Isn’t it a lovely Christmas? I’m so glad it’

They’re not green — they’re just nasty faded browns and grays

What makes people call them green? Why — why — Matthew, is that for me? Oh, Matthew!” says Anne

The first book of Anne of Green Gables spans four years, using this Christmas scene helps the

Write about baking cookies, sweet candy canes on the breath of a four-year-old boy, or egg nog,

I daily check the needles of my Christmas tree, watering it, making sure to keep it green

How might this one simple act be used in a story? For me it is largely enmeshed

I often feel I have to be diligent in keeping my children safe

Is the snow in your scene fresh or is it old snow and now icy

Recently, I wrote about a character, an eight-year-old, boy, unwrapping a small baby Jesus to place in

The baby was wrapped in an old newspaper and the child was left with black ink on

How would his mother react to this? How could a scene like this move your plot forward?

After my daughter’s basketball game last night, I went down a wrong street and ended up

Women wear red dresses and sweaters, red lipstick, and nail polish

How these details work in the lives of your character are endless too

Christmas time offers a plethora of tasty treats, almond kringle, ginger cookies, candy canes

It might be cliché t to say that there is a dish of those at your character’

This one time of year, homes listen to Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley who don’

Classical music plays in stores and in homes, Handel’s Messiah, Beethoven’s “Fur Elise,” and of

Does the music ease your characters suffering? Does it make her want to sing and dance?

The house is preparing for Christmas, but Heathcliff has hid himself from Catherine

Placing characters in stressful scenes during the holidays shows your reader more dimensional sides of your characters

For instance, maybe your character is expected to go home for the holidays, but she rather go

A character recently lost his job, and he maxed his credit cards buying his family gifts, does

Many single people long to be in a relationship this time of year

“But I did know that nobody ever asked me what I wanted for Christmas

Had any adult with the power to fulfill my desires taken me seriously and asked me what

I wanted, rather, to feel something on Christmas Day,” Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Our senses our alive and your characters’ senses can be too

And the holiday offers many chances to write scenes full of tension with met and unmet expectations

Afterall, as Andy William sings, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year