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3 Reasons No One is Auditioning for Your Book On

I’ve been a full-time audiobook narrator for the past year, and between my pseudonym and legal

I’ve come across hundreds of auditions and learned so much during the process

So dear writer, if you are planning to create the coveted audiobook please take note of the

Too often, I’ve opened the audition script posted by the author to find blaring typos and

But if I, a mere reader, can spot these mistakes (and multiple at that!) then there is

While I know editors are expensive, at the very least, authors should run their story through programs

You’ll be amazed at how much you catch by taking the extra time

Royalty Share: The narrator will receive no money upfront and only see a paycheck if/when the

Keep in mind this hourly rate only includes how long the book is

So let’s talk about how narrators prep a book because a lot goes on behind the

Believe it or not, I don’t just sit in bed in my pajamas with my iPhone

Most mid-tier narrators have invested in soundproofing their space, professional equipment, audio software, and potentially a professional

Next, before I sit down to record, I must first read the book to familiarize myself with

So, I keep a file where I jot notes beforehand, including pronunciation questions, and voices

Additionally, I work with an editor and proofer to ensure that I meet a professional quality and

That means if the book was 3 hours and I was paid $100/PFH, I made $300 for that book

This is an easy fix but can be detrimental if you’ve put yourself in the wrong

Not only am I an audiobook narrator, but I am an audiobook LOVER

I listen to them on nearly all my drives, while doing household chores, and when I need

However I’ve heard from listeners with tourettes and other disablities who don’t have the option