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3 Reasons Good Beginning Is a Must

A writer needs to ensure there is little margin for error at the start of every draft

At this point, the margin for error is negligible, if at all

No wonder beginning is considered being the most difficult aspect of writing

In fact, there are writers who also believe in writing the end first

That being said, it is at best a diversion, not a long-term solution

To begin to understand what makes writing good, a writer first and foremost needs to understand the

Whether you are writing an article, poem, short story or a novel, it is the beginning that

It not only arouses initial interest but also makes the readers excited about the middle and ending

Will you proceed to further read a draft whose beginning has left you unconvinced?

In this tutorial, author Simon Whaley elaborates on the importance of a great beginning

There are many established writers who have admitted that beginning is the toughest part

Winsor describes drafting a start as her “least favorite part of writing”

Even if you have the complete idea and a brief overview, it takes time for them to

It is about finding the right words that can explain these thoughts in the best possible manner,

That being said, beginning a draft well makes it easier to do the rest

In this blog author Derek Haines explains how to beat the hardest part of writing

There will be occasions when your mind will sway a bit, thinking about things that don’t

It gives you confidence to come back to the portions where you believe improvement is possible, and

More importantly, a good beginning always inspires you to end on an equally high note

From a reader’s point of view, it is a eulogy that borders on flattery

While there is no exact template for a writer to make a good beginning but developing a

While it is given that everything you write will not get completed/published, it will help maintain