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3 Life Fundamentals To Lean On During Your Battle with

Plus, how one of the greatest writers of our time got so much done

Scratch that, hanging on to anything you care about feels like a bloody street fight

My day job entered its “busy season” right as I moved to a new city

My car decided to break down somewhere in the middle of all that

“I believe in the basics: attention to, and perfection of, tiny details that might be commonly overlooked

In Ryan Holiday’s new book “Discipline is Destiny” he immediately quotes the novelist Toni Morrison

“Writers all devise ways to approach that place where they expect to make contact

Where they become the conduit or where they engage in this mysterious process

Throughout her career, she wrote ten novels, five children’s books, and two plays

At the beginning of her career, Toni worked a 9–5 at a publishing house while raising two boys

Not being in the light, but “being before the light arrives

Your friends will wake up at 7:30 am and scroll Instagram till 8 am

For writers, it’s impossible to be any good without reading a lot

Elon Musk learned how to build rockets from an old Soviet-era rocket manual

Lin Manuel Miranda got the idea for Hamilton from reading a biography while on vacation

We praise people who make “gut” decisions; that they possess the “clutch” gene or something

My Routine: I read for about 1-hour each morning before I write

My best friend and chef first introduced me to the term “mise en place

”Or “mise” if you’re tight with the restaurant industry

It’s French slang, but to our ears, it simply means “everything in its place

If a pot is in the wrong location, if an ingredient gets to the chef a few

Just think about all the useless apps clogging up your cell phone right now

Clean your room, organize the folders on your desktop, and put away the dishes

My Routine: It’s simple, I can’t go to bed if dishes are not put away,

The things that don’t require much skill but are equally important