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3 Extra Tasty Ways Food Can Spice up Your Story |

Grab a napkin and dive into these delicious storytelling tips

But unlike in real life, food in fiction should serve a purpose other than nourishment

It’s tempting to go into great detail about a decadent feast

But if you go on and on about the roast duck and baked potatoes, you risk slowing

Food can be a powerful addition to your story if you know how to use it right

Your plot might lure readers in, but the characters are the reason they stick around to the

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to food

Imagine your character comes across a restaurant on an alien planet

If they’re picky, they might instead turn their nose up and keep walking

A character with a lot of muscle might scarf down a ton of food

A character from a poor background may hide away extra food to save it for later

A nervous character may quietly pick at their plate without eating

The food we eat has extremely close ties to the places we live in

Let’s say you’re writing a fantasy set on a chain of islands

If you’re writing a dystopian sci-fi, are your characters forced to eat highly-processed nutrition bars (that

Food can add depth to fantastical settings, but it can also ground your story in reality

Tap into the rich cultures of the world through the way they treat food

Use food as a way to clue readers in to the details of the world you’ve

One of the big challenges when writing dialogue is to make it feel real

In real life, you don’t just stand perfectly still while you talk

If you write pages of dialogue without your characters doing anything else, your characters will sound like

Let’s say you set up that glorious feast with the roast duck and baked potatoes

Let your characters dig in as a way to break up long blocks of dialogue

Mixing dialogue and food is another way to add detail to your characters and setting

Perhaps the town your characters are visiting requires everyone to sing before they eat

So essential that it has become a staple in the stories we tell

Food has the power to add depth to characters, details to the setting, and dynamics to dialogue

When used well, food can elevate your story to another level