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3 Critical Mistakes Too Many Writers Make | by Yuko Tamura |

Editors can tell why your articles don’t get a lot of views

Editing other writers’ articles with my coeditor is also my daily routine

I’m not going to lie, I’m still learning from my mistakes

But I can predict fairly accurately whether a piece submitted to our publication gets many views—and

Views matter because mainstream media editors look for new talents who can make a buzz

Writers somehow come to think of their experiences that might be interesting for readers, and they start

Let’s say, you want to write about your breakfast routine, which is not breaking fasting until

If you start typing on your keyboard before researching—say something useful like the potential health benefit—

But if you have a solid idea of why you want to write about it and what

” Some writers dislike listicles, but they still sound better than “My Breakfast Routine,” don’t they?

If a writer is not sure why they want to post it, it’s much harder for

Ask yourself why this matter to people and “so what?” to see your point before writing it

In a previous example, no one wants to read an essay on the writer’s mother’s

Keep in mind that you have to be able to explain your article in one sentence

You shouldn’t assume they read your story on a desktop computer in a quiet study

It’s usually more like in an elevator or while watching a 0–0 match of the World Cup

And reading something while not knowing the point is quite stressful, to be brutally honest

Changing other writers’ titles is challenging too because there is no pleasing some people

But if you’re open to a better option, you should let that be known because editors

For instance, I recently submitted an article to web media with the wrong title:

I knew it was too long, but it was a bit sensitive assignment that delved into Japanese

Also, using a kicker and breaking up long sections with intriguing sub-headers never hurt to make your

Don’t forget to summarize what you have written in plain language for a catchy title

Sharing article ideas with others helps give it focus and even the occasional brilliant titles

So give your family and friends a preview of your article, and don’t hesitate to be

And we’re often frustrated because so many writers miss the point, even though their topics are

If you write about Japan and want to collaborate with dedicated editors, please submit your articles to

We’re happy to help you, and we suggest reasonable solutions instead of criticizing your articles!